With all of the different types of medical marijuana there is to choose from in Portland what type of weed is best for you?
Understanding the difference between Sativa and Indica marijuana strains can help in your decision process
  • uplifting and energetic                                         
  • cerebral, spacey or hallucinogenic
  • best suited for day use

  • relaxing and calming
  • body buzz or ‘couch lock’
  • best suited for night use
There is many strains that are cross bred to find the best of both strands.
Here is an interesting article that was published by HIGH TIMES on the 5 differences between Sativas and Indica strains http://www.hightimes.com/

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Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon are required to have their items tested and a licensed facility. These facilities test for potency, pesticide and microbiological (mold and mildew)  presence in the product. There is a some local testing labs in Portland : Green Leaf Labs , Rose City Laboratory , Going Green Labs , Cascadia Labs
It is important to know what is in your medical marijuana thankfully there is plenty of medical marijuana testing facilities that are regulated by the state of Oregon
With the recent legalization of Marijuana in Oregon, there have been a flood of locations sprouting up all over the Northwest. In fact, there seems to be one on every corner. So, how do you decide on which location will be the best. One recourse, of course, is WeedMaps. This website has been instrumental in the resourcing and implementing a resource of local locations. 

However, it is still just a website. You may want to speak with other medical marijuana patients that happen to be friends or family for a referral. If you are in the Portland Metro area, chances are Green Gratitude will come up in conversation. Since our opening we have served countless patients, which have decided to return over and over. WE ARE THANKFUL FOR A CLIENTS!

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